BuildInstructions - from r930 to r931

You can build your own WAR file from the latest source. Alternatively you can use one of the NightlyBuilds.

You'll need:
* Sun Java 1.5 or greater (requires 1.5 features, only tested with Sun compiler)
* A recent apache ant
* An SVN client to get a checkout

(The unit tests now require Java 1.6
, thougho run fully - this was unintentional, probably fixable by adding another jar, t. There doesn't appear to be an XPath API implementation in 1.5 or something - on my todo list. We now skip that test if necessary with stderr warning. -- MattHillsdon)

On Ubuntu and similar that'd be:
sudo apt-get install sun-java5-jdk ant subversion

Then to build:
svn co reviki
cd reviki
ant war

{{{reviki.war}}} is the newly created WAR file as referenced on SetupGuide.