ConfigFile - from r968 to r969

{{{}}} is stored in the configuration directory, usually a directory called {{{reviki-data}}} in the home directory of the user running the web container. You can change this location as detailed on SetupGuide.

It is a Java properties file with properties of the form svn-url-$wikiName identifying the SVN URL for each wiki.

== Disabling changes through the web interface ==

Making this file read-only disables the adding of new wikis or editing of the SVN location.

bBase-url-$wikiName ==

This property is not exposed through the web interface.

It determines the base URL used for that wiki when it creates links to pages etc within itself. This setting is not required and only makes sense when proxying requests through, e.g. Apache httpd.

== base-url ==

This property is not exposed through the web interface.

Equivalent to adding a base-url-$wikiName property of $base-url/$wikiName for each wiki. Explicit base-url-$wikiName properties are preferred

The base URL properties have been removed. See ApacheConfigurations for more information on proxying to reviki