Feature List - r947

Following the same categorization as the TodoList.

  • Rendering
    • Uses the WikiCreole syntax...
    • ...but you can escape to html if necessary with [<html>]...[</html>].
    • Backlinks showing other pages that link to the current page.
    • Code highlighting. Done using JHighlight, just with [<java>]...[</java>] support for now.
  • Search
    • Matching extracts shown.
    • Wiki page titles and content get searched.
    • Browser search box integration - OpenSearch.
  • Security / authentication
    • Currently authenticates against SVN by forwarding BASIC auth.
  • Deployment
    • Trivial setup when Apache served SVN is already in place.
    • Can have different SubWikisForProjects.
    • Supports one reviki instance serving multiple wikis proxied to arbitrary parts of URL space (e.g. for different domains in an apache reverse proxy setup). See base-url property in ConfigFile.