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  • CreateNewClash

    The error is quite reasonable as it turns out: {{{File '/svn/wiki-data/CreateNewClash' already exists}}}

  • ConfigFile

    this location as detailed on SetupGuide. It is a Java properties file with properties of the form svn-url-$wikiName identifying the SVN URL for each wiki. == Disabling changes through the web interface == Making this file read-only disables the adding of new wikis or editing of the SVN location

  • XPathContext

    feed XML. SVN location: It is available under the same terms as reviki (Apache 2.0), see RevikiLicencing. See [[

  • ConfigInterWikiLinks

    c2 rfc trunk revision

  • CacheConfigPages

    We do this because ConfigInterWikiLinks and similar are read on every page render. Changes made directly in svn won't be noticed. No authentication is done for the viewing of cached Config pages.

  • BuildInstructions

    compiler) * A recent apache ant * An SVN client to get a checkout (The unit tests now... be: {{{ sudo apt-get install sun-java5-jdk ant subversion }}} Then to build: {{{ svn co reviki cd reviki ant war }}} {{{reviki.war}}} is the newly created

  • TechnicalOverview

    Works with HTTP and possibly HTTPS Subversion repositories. See the SVNStorageRationale. SVN integration is thanks to SVNKit, the Java svn client implentation used by Subclipse. There's probably... all that. Pages are svn locked during edits as there's no straightforward way to handle conflicts

  • AboutRecentChanges

    RecentChanges supports a few of parameters that aren't yet used by the UI. |=Parameter|=Description| |showMinor |When present minor changes are also shown.| |limit |How many changes to show. Corresponds to svn log --limit.| |ctype |Use 'atom' to get the atom feed rather than regular

  • AboutConfigAutoProperties

    ConfigAutoProperties performs the equivalent function to the [auto-props] section of the svn command line client configuration file. It is used when attachments are updated. See No '[auto-props]' section

  • RevikiLicencing

    The reviki source code itself is licenced under the [[|Apache 2.0 licence]]. A number of open source libraries are used by reviki, not all of which are available under the same licence. These are detailed in the [[

  • XHTMLValidate

    each generated XHTML snippet. The validator is now set up as its own Java project in SVN at It is available under the same terms as reviki (Apache

  • FeatureList

    in SVN. ** A locking model for page edits. ** DeletePage - just blank it. ** RenamePage, CopyPage -- both taking advantage of the underlying svn primitives. ** Can preview rendering before saving changes. ** Support for edits directly in SVN (see SearchIndexAndExternalCommits

  • TomcatContextXmlConfiguration

    |the tomcat documentation]]. An example context file is in SVN [[

  • FrontPage

    . The wiki pages and any attachments are stored in [[SVN|Subversion]], for example this wiki's content is [[|here]]. The SVN backend means you can have confidence... detail on this design choice. It is easy to deploy reviki, particularly where SVN is already used

  • SetupGuide

    SVN locations and enter raw HTML in pages. **At this time this wiki is only suitable for non-public, trusted access**. ==Prerequisites * Java 1.5 or greater * Tomcat 6 * SVN server served... (lowercase). You will be directed to its FrontPage but as it is new you'll be prompted for the SVN

  • VQWikiConversionScript

    There's a [[|Python script]] that attempts to convert VQWiki markup to WikiCreole. Not comprehensive but got me through a migration. It's missing some stuff, order is important: {{{ perl -i -pe 's/`([A-Z][^A-Z]+?)`/\[\[$1

  • SearchIndexAndExternalCommits

    At the moment we alter the index after a successful commit. We also check the up-to-date-ness of the search index before responding to a search request in order to * cope with external commits * initialize from existing SVN data * not require our index directory to be backed-up

  • NightlyBuilds

    Nightly builds (war file) are [[;O=D|here]]. Please be aware of RevikiLicencing. The source code is available from SVN. Unfortunately due to memory constraints on the server hosting (and building the nightlies) the tests are not run as part

  • TodoList

    ). Bugs: * History / RecentChanges etc go blank if moving SVN locations (within a repo... fails if page isn't properly created first. Features: * Store svn log data so we don't svn log... with the wiki/svn I run automated tests against. * Bring attachments up to same standard

  • DevLog

    ://|viewvc]] on the reviki SVN server. That way I can point at revisions with an inter-wiki... the specification permits this). I've also started to write [[ ====[2008-04-20] XHTML validator now works properly and is in SVN The (trivial) XHTML