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=== Welcome to the //reviki// wiki===
reviki is a wiki implemented as a Java web application. The wiki pages and any attachments are stored in [[SVN|Subversion]], for example this wiki's content is [[|here]]. The SVN backend means you can have confidence that the data and all history is both secure and easily accessible. See the SVNStorageRationale for more detail on this design choice.

It is easy to deploy reviki, particularly where SVN is already used to manage source code or other assets.

reviki is open source, under the Apache 2 licence, see RevikiLicencing for more details.

=== More information ===
* A SetupGuide for getting started with your own installation of reviki.
* [[FeatureList|Features]] and [[TodoList|planning]] showing where reviki is headed.
* Downloads: we're still working towards a 1.0 release but NightlyBuilds are available or see the SetupGuide to build your own.
* There's a brief TechnicalOverview
* The source code is
in SVNnow on GitHub.

You might also be interested in OtherSVNBackedWikis or one of the many other c2:WikiEngines.

This reviki deployment is read-only. Development has concentrated on wiki use within organizations, and some features necessary for public wikis, e.g. anti-spam, support for anonymous users or user sign-up are not present. I hope to change that as there is something rather ridiculous about a read-only wiki of this sort.

=== Feedback

All feedback appreciated - questions, complaints, suggestions, whatever.

You can use the [[|google group]] or if you prefer send email directly to [[MattHillsdon|Matt Hillsdon]].