SetupGuide - from r961 to r962

All functionality is available to all users, including the ability to add wikis, change SVN locations and enter raw HTML in pages. **At this time this wiki is only suitable for non-public, trusted access**.

* Java 1.5 or greater
* Tomcat 6
* SVN server served over via HTTP
* The war file - see NightlyBuilds or BuildInstructions.

The application will likely work with other modern web containers but has only been tested with tomcat 6. Please report any issues.

==Initial setup
The simplest approach is to drop the {{{reviki.war}}} file into the tomcat webapps directory.

This will create a reviki-data directory in the home directory of the user running tomcat, used for configuration files and other data. If that location presents an issue you can configure it by setting a context parameter, please see TomcatContextXmlConfiguration.

Visit {{{http://$server/reviki/list}}}, replacing $server as appropriate. Enter the name of your wiki (lowercase). You will be directed to its FrontPage but as it is new you'll be prompted for the SVN location to store the data in. Enter a URL, e.g. {{{}}}.

If the location already contains wiki data it may take some time to index, otherwise the wiki will be all set and you'll be directed straight to the FrontPage.

The wiki will be available at


You can add additional wikis by repeating these steps. To prevent additional wikis being added you can make the ConfigFile read-only.

==Further configuration

You may wish to setup ConfigInterWikiLinks and/or edit the wiki pages controlling look and feel of the wiki:
* ConfigSideBar - the menu on the right (by default)
* ConfigHeader - the header
* ConfigFooter - the footer
* ConfigCss - the CSS used.

Advanced users may be interested in the various ConfigFile settings.

===Data conversion

There's a rough-and-ready VQWikiConversionScript.